Calendrical Calculations

Enter values of Bak'tun, K'atun, Tun, Winal, K'in, Tzolk'in, Haab, Lord of the Night, Glyph Y, and distance number to the last 819-day count station. To select/diselect multiple values hold the CTRL-key (select one more) or the SHIFT-key (select many). The Moon age and the C-coefficient are expected mean values counting after New Light (NL), New Moon (NM), Last Light (LL), and a regular 6-month count.

Long Count date
distance to 819 day count station ( - for no search, or e.g. 30 days)
Lord of the Night Glyph Y
Calendar Base / Year Bearer system
Start search from first Long Count date
Terminate search until last Long Count date

Output of

all columns or
Long Count date
LC (decimal)
Tzolk'in Haab
Glyph G
Glyph Y
819 day count
Lunar Series
Christian date Julian day number Correlation number: (e.g. Wells-Fuls 660208, or GMT 584285)