The Calendarbook of the Mayapriests

The Dresden Mayahandbook

© Copyright by Andreas Fuls, Berlin 1999

Commentary on the page numbers, corrections and colors

The facsimile edition by Foerstemann (1880) was the first photographic reproduction of the Dresden Codex. The page order was different from the reading order, because the Codex was seperated into two pieces. The result is the break between page 24 and 46 (frontside) and page 74 and 25 (backside). The photographic reproduction was black and white, and the colors are painted afterwards. There are some corrections made by Foerstemann, but he didn't mentioned this changes. One important correction is on page 51, column A. The single black dot between the red 6 and the black 10 should be red as in the original. The digital edition is the same as published by Foerstemann (1880). It based on scanned slides and is not corrected afterwards, only the brightness and the contrast of the pictures are optimized.

The colors of the digital edition may depend on the justification of your screen.

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